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So first of all I have never really blogged before, well except for one time in AP English when my teacher required us all to blog about Hamlet every Sunday during spring semester.. To say the least it was miserable and I promise this blog will never talk about Hamlet, Shakespeare or any of those harsh romantic poets. However I do want to tell you a little bit about myself first.

My name is Taylor Bond, I just finished my sophomore year of College at Grand Canyon University and I am an avid shopaholic, as well as an 800 meter runner for the infamous Lopes of Grand Canyon. I want to bring you guys,, if you are out there,, I hope you are at least,,, a fun, unique and innovative spin on fashion in the high paced world of athletics and college. Even if you don't love fashion, don't love running or are not even in college I think you will find something fresh about the "hopefully helpful and entertaining things I have to say".

I hope to give fashion tips, running advice and ultimately share my personal experiences and adventures with all of you fellow blog lovers! Feel free to connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Would love to hear input from all of you and hope you guys read my weekly blog every Sunday. Let the Race Begin...

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