• Taylor

French Lady

Are you Polish? You are french aren't you? You are not American.. All the comments I got through out the night wearing this outfit.. Maybe it is the beret? The sunglasses? The fanny pack? Whatever it may be I LOVE pushing the limits of what I can pull off. For about a year now I have wanted a beret but didn't know how to wear it or what to wear it with. I figured New York Fashion Week was the perfect opportunity. This look is all about the detail. The soft tones the right amount of flare and the precisely perfectly placed pieces.. aka the glasses and beret. Some say red and pink don't blend unless it is Valentines Day.. I say WHY NOT. The way this outfit works is due to the pairings, attention to detail and mild boldness. I did not try to go holes on holes or color on color I took 3 different textures and blended them just right with black staples. You have to be careful with bold pieces and pair them with staples like the black romper and tone them down with a soft shoe. Don't be afraid to push the limits and be different and be bold. Be a french lady wear it confident with poise grace and effortless flare.

xoxo stay funky #frenchlady #nyfw #fashioninthefastlane #funfinds #frenchinspiration #bebold

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