• Taylor

Brooklyn Babes

Want to meet me in Brooklyn Babe? For some reason I feel so connected to this city.. Almost like I grew up here in my past life sounds silly but I just love the street grunge, sports driven, vintage architecture and roots of tradition that fill the strong accents of Brooklyn natives. Style is EVERYTHING in Brooklyn and I feel like I really tried to encompass all the Brooklyn feels into this look. The half zip J Lo inspired body suit gives the attitude of the city paired with zip lined high waisted cut off jeans that feel of edge and ruggedness of the streets matched with polo socks for the class and the Air Max Nikes in case you need me to sub in for a pick up game on the black top. In all seriousness this white girl has a true love for the spunk and swag of the city and I feel it in the roots of my staple styles. Funk and Flare mixed with Simple and Sleek it is everything this city encompasses. Be one with who you are and what you feel and let that side of your personality come out in the roots of looks you love and looks that truly make YOU feel like You! One of my all time favorite pairings. #brooklyn #brooklynbabes #streetstyle #funkyfresh #swag #fashioninthefastlane #itsteetime #whosetrynaplaypickup

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